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We are a young architectural studio. We have been operating under the name ARTIKUL since 2013. We are based in Prague and Vienna. We know each other from violin lessons, drawing lessons, lectures and various Prague architectural offices. What we have in common is that architecture, interiors and design are our passion.

Contact us with your wishes and dreams, we will listen to you patiently. When we agree, we will take care of your project gently, responsibly, creatively, according to your desires and our best skill.

Artikul team: Ing. arch. Jakub Vlček, Ing. arch. Pavel Lejdar, Ing. arch. Jan Gabriel, Ing. arch. Jana Kusbachová, Ing. arch. Martin Šebek, Ing. arch. Martin Klicpera, Ing. arch. Silvie Zoubková, Lenka Mišáková, Ing. arch. Monika Jůzová, Ing. arch. Ondřej Jelínek

ČKA authorization: 04 637

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