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Study 2017-2018
DUR 2018
DSP 2020
P. Lejdar, J.Gabriel, J.Vlček, A. Peteráková

Quiet, slightly winding street with traditional gables of houses. At the other end of the plot and a few metres below, a green meadow of a natural park with the Pitkovice stream. At the same time in the centre of Benice, with amenities at your fingertips. Qualities that are miles away from the satellite character of the housing.

On unconventionally elongated plots, we have designed eight individual houses of different sizes, architecturally contemporary and sober, with an emphasis on sustainability and low-energy solutions. The result is a compact development of two house types - four houses with a traditional silhouette with brick tiles, rendered gables and timber fences, naturally linked to the typical surrounding development along the street.


The second quad of houses, set into the hillside one storey below, with flat vegetated roofs, larch cladding and generous glazing, completes the frontage of the development towards the valley. The two types of houses form a soft transition between the street and the park, at the same time forming an urban unit together.

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