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Study 2016
Realization 2016 - 2018
Prague - Bubeneč
P. Lejdar, J. Pecharová, S. Krčilová

Photographer: Lukáš Hausenblas

The apartment was created by converting an original commercial space on the ground floor of a historic apartment building in Prague. The space, accessible directly from the street, has always served as a shop - during the First Republic as a butcher's shop, later as an almond, a photographic studio and most recently as a travel agency.


The unconventional multi-level space is newly divided into a kitchen area accessible by an entrance with a window directly from the street, a work and rest area in an inset semi-open floor above the kitchen and a private space in the intermediate level, accessible by a second entrance from the hallway of the house with a corridor, a pass-through bathroom and a bedroom.


The aim of the design was to restore the original genius loci; a minimalist, economical interior with a minimum of furniture, maximum lightness and airiness of the structured space, preserving and restoring as many original elements as possible.

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