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Study 2018
Realisation 2018-2019
J.Gabriel, M. Kłos, J. Vlček, 

The brief for the complete reconstruction of a prefabricated apartment was to create a living space for a family of four. Originally, the apartment had only 2 bedrooms and a large number of poorly used spaces. The layout is newly structured with atypical furniture to make the space as efficient as possible and at the same time look generous.

In addition, the apartment had to accommodate a piano, a large bookcase, a work area with a computer and plenty of storage cabinets. The furniture is completely custom-made and unified by the white colour, which visually increases the space. The flooring throughout the apartment is designed in natural marmoleum. The parents' sleeping area can be separated by three sliding panels. Although the children's rooms are minimal, the arrangement of the furniture has left plenty of space for play, clothes storage and desks.

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