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RD Lipno_19.jpg


Study 2020
Project 2021
Implementation 2023

Horní Planá

Ing. arch. Jan Gabriel, Ing. arch. Eva Svobodová

Photo: Filip Šlapal

Slightly sloping land is located in the direct vicinity of the Lipno reservoir. The location of the building on the plot is chosen so that the main living area offers a view of the water surface. The mass of the house refers to the typology of the original Sumava cottages. The black facade made of burnt larch contrasts with the light interior made entirely of spruce biodesk. The timber-framed building is based on a stone platform that flanks the building on three sides and creates a covered and uncovered terrace. The layout of the ground floor of the building is designed as an open airy space connected to the exterior, which is elevated in its main part up to the ridge of the roof. The attic contains two bedrooms and a gallery. Movable sliding wooden shutters are designed on the ground floor for a sense of security and privacy. The nature garden is dominated by a mature swamp oak.

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