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ConTiki Bali 

Studie - 2020
J. Gabriel, E. Svobodová 

The small Indonesian island of Bali is a paradise for travelers and surfers. For an existing resort in the interior of the island, we have designed an extension of their services - a café offering a coworking environment. The café is built from a total of eight refurbished shipping containers, which are complemented by the construction of the ceiling and roof.

The café has a bar, a seating area, and a conference room. The entire space can be variably arranged into smaller or larger units. Part of the café is also air-conditioned. Due to the climatic conditions during the rainy season, it is possible to close the entire ground floor space with the help of textile blinds.

The investor's request was contemporary design, but also easy construction and eventual disassembly. We chose sea containers mainly for their local availability and durability. The containers are black, in some places lined with bamboo wood. During the overall design work, we were inspired by the marine world - we supplemented the containers with sails, which complete the ship's atmosphere.