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Vila malvazinky artikul -20.jpg


Study 2018
Project 2019
Realization 2020
Prague 5 - Smíchov
P. Lejdar, E. Svobodová, M. Kłos, J. Vlček

Photographer: Filip Šlapal

The investor's brief was to build a new family villa for a family of seven on a small sloping plot on the edge of the park, with a beautiful view of the Smíchov valley and the opposite bank of the Vltava. The sober architecture of the three-storey, flat-roofed house responds to the context of the residential area with generous tenement and family villas from the early 20th century and the interwar period.

The minimalist volume of the house is complemented and relieved by two spacious terraces and a light roofed entrance and parking spaces. The subtle terrace structure on the ground floor is directly accessible from the generously glazed main living area with the best views of the valley and the park. The second terrace on the top floor, where the parents' bedroom is located, was created by cutting out the basic mass of the house.

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