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Realizace garsonky v Holešovicích navržený architektonickým ateliérem Artikul architekti.



Project 2016
Realization 2016
Prague 7- Holešovice
J. Vlček, J.Gabriel, P. Lejdar, J. Pecharová, S. Krčilová

The brief was to fit a kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, living room, sleeping area and maximum storage space including the possibility of storing bicycles into a 37 m2 space.

Our goal was not to divide the space with partitions or doors and to maintain the feeling of a generous airy apartment. The space of the apartment is divided only by inserted blocks with different functions such as a glass bathroom, a built-in kitchen with storage space and a "multifunctional bed".The soft shades of white stained pine plywood in contrast with the sandblasted glass and metal furniture created a contemporary cozy living in the context of a historic apartment, and the use of glass visually enlarged the space.

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