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Studies 2018
Realization 2018
P. Lejdar in cooperation with Kvalitář studio

The IPR container is our smallest container project, which was created in cooperation with the Kvalitář studio. The aim was to produce a multi-purpose presentation mobile container for rent. On the basis of this project, we were approached by the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague (IPR) to supply a mobile unit to present the new metropolitan plan, the so-called "Uzemak".

The mobility of the container allowed for easy movement around Prague, where it was used to meet the public and debate the metropolitan plan. The visual was based on a white, minimalist design that emphasized the main message and information banners and the IPR logo. The interior furnishings, made of steel profiles, were custom designed and included a table of a length equivalent to the 13 folders of the metropolitan plan. Doors served as boards for displaying banners, while a removable staircase offering a theatrical scene invited passersby to interact.

The entire project was delivered in its entirety, including the transportation solution. The container was moved with the help of a boom truck and the wiring was designed to make the container easily connectable to public lighting in agreement with the city.

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