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Studies 2014 - 2015
Realisation 2015 - 2016
Prague 1 
Ing. arch. Pavel Lejdar in cooperation with Kvalitář studio

Realization 2019
Prague 1
Ing. arch. Pavel Lejdar, Ing. arch. Eva Svobodová

During the summer break in Lucerna Music Bar, the backstage area was completely renovated. The reconstruction included renovation of the facilities for performers, musicians and production. The most interesting element is the renovation of the stage coming out, whose circular shape is reflected in the floor plan of the backstage area. The perimeter wall of the stage was painted black and a logo installed, creating a photo wall. The aim was to provide comfortable facilities, consisting of four dressing rooms, a lounge area, toilet facilities and a production area. The total area of the backstage is approximately 200m2. The bar concept was kept in its original industrial style through the use of brick on the walls, leather seats, grey large format tiles and wooden elements on the floor and tables. LED coloured backlighting on the ceilings and stairs helped to enhance the club atmosphere.

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