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Mobile Hut_01.jpg


Nominated for the Czech Architecture Prize 2022

Study 2016

Project 2016

Serial production 2019

The whole world
J. Gabriel, P. Lejdar, J. Vlček


The House on Wheels is the result of the search for a new form of mobile living. This search responds to the trends of the global Tiny Houses movement. Mobile Hut is in line with the current trend of nomadic "consume less" lifestyle.


It is a design house that offers full-fledged living, with the added benefit of being able to be packed up and transported anywhere. Every millimetre of space has been thought out, four people can sleep comfortably and the layout of the house can be used very variably by positioning the built-in furniture. Thanks to the solar panel, hi-tech batteries, filters and tanks, the house can last up to 14 days without any connection.


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