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Study 2022
Project 2023

Realization 2023 - 
Ing. arch. Pavel Lejdar, Ing. arch. Silvie Zoubková

Visualization Studio Horák

The generously sized grounds of 22 villas slope gently towards the Sázava valley and offer beautiful views of the Kácov panorama. At the same time, they are located in the immediate vicinity of the golf course and each villa and its garden overlooks the golf course. The houses, which form a trio of new street rows, are sensitively scattered in the landscape. Thus the house masses do not form a continuous pattern and street frontage along the new access roads but are irregularly spaced at varying depths from the road. There is no repetition of houses in the row, with alternating types of villas, both single and two storey, with different articulated masses and facades. Each owner will therefore recognise his house as unique.

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