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Project 2016
Realization 2017 - 2018
Prague 8 - Karlín
J. Vlček, J. Gabriel, P. Lejdar, M. Hanková

The reconstruction of an apartment building in Karlín with the addition of loft apartments was designed as a new layer that becomes a full-fledged part of the building and its appearance does not disturb the roof landscape or the architecture of the surrounding houses. The interior design concept is a generous fluid space with a minimum of partitions. The heart of the layout is the dining room with kitchen and living room. We compensated for the shortcomings of the attic space with a view of the Vítkov hill and large studio windows that visually enlarge the space.

The investor's wish was to create a minimalist, bright space - the solution is a white apartment, united by an oak floor with a light glaze. The icing on the cake is the master bedroom connected to a spacious bathroom and a freestanding bathtub. The project also included a proposal to renovate the facade of the entire house and renovate the common interiors.

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