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Artikul Byt Kamenicka -24.jpg


Study 2019
Realisation 2020
Prague 7
P. Lejdar, E. Svobodová

From an inappropriately designed apartment to trendy housing for a young couple.  Prague's Letná district is generally hailed as an ideal location for living. The investors bought an apartment in a loft extension on Kamenická Street. It was built recently, in the 1990s, and unfortunately carried many of the ills typical of this period. 

The biggest problem of the apartment was the unsatisfactory layout with several sloping walls and a poorly usable but spacious corridor. The investors wanted to turn an unusable space with cold and too dark tiles into a welcoming entrance to the apartment. Due to the slanted walls, the layout created several deaf and hard-to-reach places.

Although the apartment is 88 m2, it felt cramped. Therefore, the main idea was to open up the layout and increase its functionality, increase the living space and give the apartment new and fresh colours.

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