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Project 2016 - 2017
Implementation 2018 - 2019
Starý Týn
J. Gabriel, J. Vlček, P. Hradilová, J. Pecharová

The intention was to restore the original character of the historic buildings, to clean the buildings from the insensitive interventions of the last 50 years and to add agro-tourism and recreational use of the area.  The design of the new layout of the main building takes into account the requirements of running a guesthouse, the interior highlights the original elements of the building and the atmosphere is completed by elements of contemporary architecture.


The attic is used for duplex units of the guesthouse. The farm barn, formerly used for housing cattle, is newly designed for weddings or other social events. Natural materials are used to the maximum extent in the new buildings, the form of the buildings is based on the archetype of village barns and barns.

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