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Study 2021


P. Lejdar, E. Svobodová

In a traditional residential area on the outskirts of Prague, we designed the reconstruction of a First Republic villa for a young family of four. We connected the ground floor layout into one generous living space, which is newly opened into a beautiful back garden with a small extension. We also added a small extension to the street facade to expand the house's existing entrance staircase and entrance areas.


Upstairs are all bedrooms, two of which are newly opened to the garden and access a new terrace. The attic and basement of the house are newly occupied - in the attic, there is a guest room, a study, and a relaxation area. In the cellar, we designed a small club with a fireplace, sauna, and wine shop.


The main change in the house's external appearance is the abolition of the mansard roof, a slight increase in the roof, and the placement of a new dormer in the street. The house thus acquires a more villa character. With a subtle division of the facades and a distinctive prominent cornice in combination with the gray masonry of the plinths and the added volumes, we sensitively follow the original architecture of the house and the character of the surrounding buildings.

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