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Study 2018

Project 2019

Built 2020 - 2021

Praha - Strašnice
P. Lejdar, J. Vlček, M. Kłos, E. Svobodová

Photography: Michaela Klementová

In the family villa from the 1970s, thanks to a complete reconstruction, not only 4 residential units were created, but also an office and warehouse space for the company headquarters. These are located on the ground floor and in the basement. The original birch-coloured facade was replaced with a light grey one, the entrance to the house, the parking area and the area in front of the house were modified. In particular, we changed the levels in the entrance area of the house and removed an unnecessary chamber. The entrance hall is now more spacious and serves its function better. The staircase has also been fully renovated with new panelling and handrails. 

The villa offers 4 apartment units with a layout of 2 + kk for rent. Two of the apartments have balconies overlooking the garden and one is designed as a duplex. For the interior design we took inspiration from the 70s and used playful tiles and colourful wallpapers. Each apartment has a different colour scheme; one is red, one is turquoise, and the others are in petrol and blue. From the beginning, the investor had the intention to rent the apartments as partially furnished, so we designed only built-in furniture - kitchens, wardrobes and furniture in the hallways. 

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